Does MedSōmma provide any services other than functional medicine?

Depending on where you are located there may be some services available that help enhance the treatments you are receiving with functional medicine.

What lab tests will be done?

We have different testing methods based on what your health needs are. These may include, but, are not limited to, thyroid and sex hormone panels, metabolic tests, and nutrient levels. The two most common types of tests are serum testing and salivary testing. Your provider may determine you need more specialized testing, and you will have access to those tests through us as well.

Is treatment costly?

We work to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. We also have financing options available. By targeting the root causes you are decreasing your need for acute treatment appointments and costly medications. You are investing in your health.

Does MedSōmma accept insurance?

All services need to be paid upfront at the time they occur. However, we do offer some financing options.

Are MedSōmma providers considered PCPs?

No, we do not intend to replace your PCP. It is important to follow up with your regular PCP appointments as needed. However, we do encourage you to share the details of the care you are receiving with your PCP. It is vital that you disclose this information so that your PCP can make the best decisions when planning your care.