Ozone Therapy

When you hear the word “ozone,” you may immediately think of the ozone layer in our atmosphere that protects us from the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are what create ozone (O3).
Ozone (O3), is an energized form of oxygen which contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. Ozone is one of the best healing agents, detoxifiers, and sterilizers when used in medicine. A systemic medical treatment using ozone is autohemotherapy.
Simply put, Autohemotherapy is the process of taking a person’s blood, cleaning it, and re- introducing it back into the same person’s body.
Much more common in Europe than the United States, Autohemotherapy is very effective against numerous health conditions. In the U.S. it is considered an alternative treatment and is well understood, utilized, and backed with many studies. It can be used as preventative, especially in the elderly as natural degeneration takes place, as well as the chronically ill or therapy resistant. It is known to boost vitality, metabolism, balance hormones and increase oxidation and energy. Many people with existing health conditions or chronic disease use Autohemotherapy to stimulate their immune system and boost healing.